Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Love Does Grow On Trees - Award winning short now available on Vimeo!

Here's a wonderful short by my friend Bevan Walsh, the man who discovered Andrew Garfield before he was famous. He had huge success at festivals across the globe with this 2008 short.

I am personally very fond of this film as there was a lot of Derek Boyes influence. The very first scene was based on a true account of an early porn memory I had on the school football field, but thankfully I did not get a football in my face.

I think the magical porn man (Tom Brooke aka The Happiness Thief) was inspired by the day Bevan walked with me into a park in Newcastle where I left a plastic carrier bag full of my old porn magazine's on a shed door. I decided to be rid of them having recently met a girl and suddenly felt dirty owning them. I considered it as a generous donation to the first teenage Geordie who came along. 

Finally the third link to my life is that Bevan shot part of the film in Maidstone and used my Dad's house for the boy's parents house. Unbeknown to my parents we converted my Dad's music/study room into a teenage boys bedroom.

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