Sunday, May 29, 2011

3-D family/fantasy short gets £20,000 Screen South funding

The Infectious Imagination Of Henry Bramble is a new short film idea that I came up with off the back of a filmmaking summer school workshop I ran last year. It was inspired by my impending fatherhood having suddenly realised that although we wanted a girl, we could quite easily have a boy. I wrote the character of Henry Bramble based on the kind of boy I imagined we would have. As it turned out we had a baby girl, so I guess this story is now dedicated to the son I never had.

I developed the script over four weeks while working as an usher at The Maidstone Crown Court. There is so much waiting around in court due to legal arguments that I could get at least a couple of hours writing in a day. When I finished I let a few film people read it and by their feedback I quickly realised I had come up with another brilliant short film idea (the other being The Happiness Thief), that could potentially put me back on the map in terms of my directing career. However I was a little stumped as to how to get it made in a recession, especially as it was so ambitious and required a completely CGI character.

I knew pretty much all the shorts funding had stopped due to the the closure of The UK Film Council, but I sent the script to Screen South anyway, in the hope they may know of a shorts scheme I was unaware of. To my utter surprise they told me they had plans for a new Innovative Shorts scheme that would be much bigger than their largest Digital Shorts award.  The scheme sounded perfect for an ambitious 3D short and so I applied as soon as the applications appeared online.

To my relief The Infectious Imagination Of Henry Bramble was one of four projects chosen to be awarded £20,000. Filming will take place over the Summer with VERL in Dundee undertaking the visual effects.

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