Friday, March 07, 2014

The Difficult Reality of the VFX Industry.

This 30 minute documentary about the demise of the Oscar winning VFX company Rhythm and Hughes is not only a nice touching tribute to the 254 employees who lost their jobs over night, but it is also an important eye-opener to producers, directors and financiers all over the world to consider very carefully.

What I found particularly shocking was that many director's do not regularly oversee the work that it done. As one employer points out, you wouldn't see a film being shot on set without the director present, why is visual effects work any different?

I'm proud to say I lean more towards James Cameron in this respect as I am a little obsessive or maybe possessive over every detail. If I had it my way I'd have daily progress meetings with the vfx team. Let's hope the film industry learn something from this example and find a more ethical business model for all. 

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