Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Drakkon - The Making Of A Fantasy

Well here it is, the definitive behind-the-scenes making of Drakkon, the ambitious epic fantasy short film shot on location at West Burtom falls in North Yorkshire way back in 1993. Having been through the video 8 footage several times to make this new version, 20 year old memories now seem like yesterday. I can literally smell the 1990's.

A big thank you to Shirley Hopkinson, Mike Joslin, Ritchie Wilkinson, Katherine Franks, Simon Franks, Philip Slocombe, Nicola Goss, Oliver Kneesbeck, Vicky Bywater, Gareth Unwin, Chris Eldridge, James Gibson, Isobel Thomas, Laura Anderson, Jim Loomis and Susan Hopkinson for some wonderful memories!

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